Hi and welcome.  I'm Kathryn a California girl who took a job in Nebraska... well over 13 years ago and met her husband on a blind date.  Together we farm and raise three kiddos - 2 boys and a little girl.  My love of photography started well before my move to the Cornhusker state.  In high school I loved rolling film and developing prints in the dark room and served as our yearbook editor, but it wasn't until I had children that I picked up my camera again.  I've spent years studying, taking classes and workshops. I love freezing moments in time - not just for my own family but for my clients too.  My house is filled with images of my family and my goal is to not just take a picture but create lasting art.  I will do this while not only meeting and discussing your goals prior to our session but meeting together afterwards too - to pick out the perfect images and ways to display them.